What is Affiliate Marketing About?

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing can be used from internet marketers to bloggers, and the term affiliate marketing diverts in to both of these categories.

This career choice is very lucrative for people wanting to start a business online because it is not ran like a normal business, in the sense that you don’t need to worry about ordering in stock, deliveries of sold products, stock taking or hiring staff.

How it works is Affiliates attract visitors to their website using sales techniques to bring their customer to a page or post to sell a product. The user will then click a link registered to the affiliate taking them to another site where they can by the product. If the customer buys the product the affiliate will receive a COMMISSIONS!

The affiliates track commission’s as they are registered to affiliate programs like Amazon, once affiliates sign up for these types of programs they can chose which product they want to sell, by being given a link which is coded to their account and the product. All the Affiliate needs to do is attach this link to one of their pages within the content, relevant to the product and this how the commission is tracked to the Affiliate.

How do Affiliates find products to sell and promote?

To be honest you can sell anything you like within affiliate marketing. Nearly all companies these days have affiliates programs because it will increase sales by having someone else rather than their selves to promote the product.

Like anyone starting a business you work to your strength, something your good at or maybe a interest/hobby. This is how you find your niche to build your website around and from their you can join affiliate programs within your niche to sell their products. For example if your website was about dieting and fitness, you could promote products such as whey proteins or fat burners.


There are literally thousands of these programs within lots of niches, if you are wanting to find these programs simply type into google what you are looking for, for example “fitness supplement affiliate programs”.

One of the biggest out their is the amazon program as they sell about everything, so it wont be hard to find a product you want to SELL.

How to Build a Website and Earn Money?

Once a niche is found a business can be created round this. If starting out in affiliate marketing you should ideally be looking for training, a lot of the information is free out there but if you don’t what your looking for then how will you know how to find.

There are good training providers/platforms, that can give a learning affiliate the tools and skills to make money and leverage their income, plus can provide the website package to build your business on. Brilliant platform and probably the best on the market is Wealthy Affiliate.

make money online

Wealthy Affiliate provide training, tutorials, boot camps, massive community that help each other, provide WordPress website to build your business on, and lots of other great tools and training, all this for free just by signing up.

On finding a training provider and have created a website with your new business name, the next stage would be to start adding content to the new website.


How to Produce High Quality Content?

Firstly the content should be the meat of your website, without this you are not going to attract visitors to your site, without visitors they will never turn into potential customers.

Content is all about informative writing. For example, writing a review on a product you are trying to sell, or like this page “What is Affiliate Marketing About“.

The sole purpose is to engage with your customer through your content, write good quality in depth pages, try and be different from your competition and create a good theme within your site.

The use of links on your site can be a key factor from selling or not attracting visitors at all. Placing your Affiliate links within every inch of your content is going to get your pages down ranked within the search engines, a few links is ok, ranking your pages better.

Social media can play a big part in keeping your website ranked and update with the current times. Putting up offers on your social media accounts or diverting people from places like Facebook or Twitter to your website pages can get you good rankings.





People who rely solely on SEO for their business can be crushed by not using these techniques. Reason for using social media accounts is targeting people you may not be reaching and by diverting people from places such as Facebook to your website shows more activity which will be noticed by the search engines.


What are Keywords About?

Firstly keywords are vital for affiliates to get their head around. Keywords are vital because they are how well your content will compete within the search engines.mac-459196_1280

Your keyword should be the title of your post and page for your content, my keyword being “What is Affiliate Marketing About?”. Your content should fit around and be relevant to the KEYWORD.

Researching your keyword is the key to success, I wont want to write a page with a keyword that everyone is going to be competing on it will be to hard to rank on the first pages within the search engines.


But how do you research the keywords?

On the market there are tools to help Affiliate’s get understanding of their keywords, these are called keyword research tools, many different companies offer these tools to affiliates and for me are a must because other wise you are stabbing in the dark.

These keyword research tools offer insight to, how many people are competing on the same keyword, average number of searches the keyword receives per month, the number of visitors your site could receive if your page ranks no.1 for this keyword, keyword quality indicators and SEO scores based on traffic and competition.

A update and accurate keyword research tool is Jaxxy, very accurate within the search engine information and competition.


What is SEO Optimization?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. By entering keywords from the users using the search engines, the engines will filter through all the pages and content used by websites and rank them most relevant to the users searches.

Search Engines such as Google, use Google Panda that ranks website and content, its vital that affiliates know the new trends and strategies that such devices use, this to keep on top of their SEO scores to rank them in the first pages of the search engines. Ranking high and putting out engaging content is how affiliates attract customers, without any of this their website is worthless.

search engine optimization

How much do Affiliate Marketers Make?

This is quiet a broad questions and it depends on the individual and the time they dedicate to their business. The more time you put in the more you can see your business make.

As for affiliate programs such as amazon, they pay out a percentage of the price of the product sold, generally the percentage mark for Amazon is around the 8% mark. So a £800 Tv would see you £64 in commissions.

Looking at the percentage this isn’t a lot, but if you where to be selling over a 100 of TV’s a week this figure grows, add this to all the other products you maybe promoting and selling and your making a very substantial income.

Amazon aren’t big payers in commissions some other programs can pay up to 50% this being very attract to sell their products as the returns are high.

Also the market that your Niche is in, the products within the niche, are they in high demand? how big of  market/audience is out there for these items? These questions need answering at the initial phase of starting of your website.

Affiliates can earn a small extra income that doesn’t require much effort out of their spare time, or compared with the people who make their career and living from this industry can make thousands a week or even a day!








11 thoughts on “What is Affiliate Marketing About?

  1. Hong Yunhai

    Cool. Indeed, affiliate marketing can earn us a stable revenue depending on our niche. But, social optimisation engine is a even more important concept besides just promoting on your content beautifully. A high quality content but with poor traffic would lead to waste. SEO is useful in a sense that it can apply to many areas where we can reach out to as many audience as possible all over the world. Even youtube stars and internet entrepreneur has to make use of SEO to reach out to more people.

  2. Kenny Lee

    A really interesting piece of article that covered the basics of affiliate marketing. I think this will be a very useful guide for newbie bloggers and affiliate marketers alike. I agree that you cannot ignore the importance of keywords. When you start off with your website, and lacking quality backlinks, keywords could be a critical element to get search traffic to your site.

  3. Norman

    Affiliate marketing is so awesome an the god part is that this is a business that you can operate from home, many persons are now turning to this type of work because of the many benefits that is involves and the amount of monies that can be made. What is also good is that you don’t have to operate this business like the traditional business all you do is write good engaging content and add products and the rest is history, but this type of business do take time and a lot of work is involved. Affiliate marketing is great business.

  4. Neil

    There appears to be a lot to affiliate marketing and making money online with it which is a good thing. 🙂

    I really like the fact that affiliate marketing and building a website certainly gives us a choices in life – Either stick with a miserable job on a poor wage or work on our passion and earn the type of income that’s life changing. I prefer the latter!

    Thanks ever so much for teaching me all about affiliate marketing, website building, web content, keyword research + SEO. – Extremely important aspects for HUGE success!

    Your Wealthy Affiliate recommendation looks awesome! I’ll give it a shot.


    1. Sam Birch Post author

      Thanks Neil,

      The skies the limit with affiliate marketing and the best thing is you cam play to your strengths (hobbies, things you enjoy doing).

      Thanks for the comment.

      Sam Birch

  5. John Rico

    Hey there! I’m planning to start affiliate marketing but I don’t have plenty of knowledge about it. I heard that it’s a good way to earn money. I’m a student and I’m looking for extra money. I wanted to try affiliate marketing but I have some problems. I don’t have enough knowledge about it and also I only have limited money to spend. Do you think that this is a good job for me? Thank you for responding.

    1. Sam Birch Post author

      Hi John,

      When I started out I didn’t know a thing about affiliate marketing, to be honest, I’m not that very good on a computer. Its all about finding the right people to help you start your new career. With the right community, the right training and support anything is possible. You don’t need a lot of money John, and you shouldn’t be paying a lot to learn either. Here is a link to sign up, to get free training and a free website to get the ball rolling. https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/?a_aid=eca1873a

      If you need to have further discussions on this, you can contact me on my email sam.birch@webaffiliatescams.com

      Thanks for your time John hope you well in your new career.

      Sam Birch

  6. Jacob Schilling

    Hello Sam, I really enjoyed the way that you explained affiliate marketing. I think that affiliate marketing is the way to go in terms of self-employment, due to the freedom in your possession. The American dream of owning a small business is outdated now, and with that mechanic of income, you are restriction from freedom of location, as you will be stuck making sure inventory is up to date, employees are doing their job, affiliate marketing as a business model is so much less stress!


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