What is a Binary Options Robot?

By | February 14, 2017



In the post I will give you insight into what Binary Options Trading is all about.

  • Is this form of Trading a scam or not?
  • Can you make money from this process?
  • And what are Binary Options Trading Robots?

What is Binary Options?

Binary Options Trading is a form of trading where customers who come to the Binary Options websites invest money into the stock market. But Binary Options doesn’t work like your usual trading platforms like Plus500.

Binary Options Trading

Binary options doesn’t work with a real brokerage, the person trading will be betting against the broker.

How it works is the customer may buy into a stock and hope the price of this will go up within a certain time frame, times frames from as little as 60 SECONDS TO WEEK! Or either sell a stock, this being the opposite, wanting the price to fall from the share price but still within the specified time frames. Basically a call or put wager!

Binary Options Trading platforms can offer up to 80% or more on trades, this how they attract customers, a promise of being able to make quick and very profitable money within small time frames, this type of profit from investments in such a short time has only really been seen from penny stocks.

But this can also work the other way, money can be lost drastically, and once you have selected a certain time frame you will have to sit the trade out, which could cost you all your investment.

You can’t sell your stock once it starts losing money during the trade, you have to wait until your specified time period has finished and see if you have made money or LOST IT!

Is Binary Options a Scam?

For me Binary Options is a scam. In no way is this trading on the stock market and investing your money. This simply is gambling and for me these companies that operate should do so under gambling regulations, but a lot don’t.Binary Options Scam

Many countries have banned Binary Options such as Belgium and Israel.

Some Binary options companies have been known to actively change the stock market pricing to rob their customers of their money. Others have been known to stall money trying to be withdrawn from accounts. These companies tend to operate in places where rules don’t to apply to their practices.

There are more legitimate companies who are regulated under proper laws and give back some of the investment when lost, but with a pool full of so many sharks I’m not willing to step in!

Things to look out for when using Binary Options Brokers?

  1. Are they operating under legitimate brokers license (ASIC, CFTC or CySEC).
  2. Broker ringing for deposits to be made.
  3. Does the broker license cover you for the country you stay?
  4. Asking you to use their trading robot if not confident yourself?

What is a Binary Options Robot?\binary Options Robot

Within these unlicensed brokers that ask you to use their robots I would stay well clear. Basically these companies brag about how well their robots work, some being over 90% ACCURATE.  Asking you to invest your money into a automated robot systems that hasn’t been tested that picks random trades, hoping to make money from your investment is a very risky strategy!

Legitimate robots have been tried and tested and been made by market researchers, these types can work well but can still be risky and don’t meet figures of 90% accuracy. Plus with these robots you can pick the parameters of your trades for which markets you want the robots to invest in.

The best option is to learn about trading the financial market yourself and become familiar with marketing strategies and noticing trends within stocks. Make your own trades within real the stocks with real brokerage companies, no time frames and use trusted accredited sites.

If you like gambling then binary options and their robots maybe the thing for you!

Make Money from Real Trading!

If you want to trade within the financial markets try plus500, this is a trusted licenced platform, known around the world. Invest your money safely don’t gamble it with Binary Options Trading.


Real trading works by the customer investing their money into a stock/share or commodity. Buy into a stock that’s safe and if the price goes up then your making money, free to take the share when you want. Or simply short the stock (invest against it) meaning you make money when the share price falls, again free to sell when you want not set within the parameters of a time frame.

To find out more have a look at this post. (Click Here)

Make Real Money Online!

If you would like to learn how to make money online, no scams included. Create your own business online for free with training of how to get started earning money online today by learning how to become a affiliate marketer?  (Click Here)

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8 thoughts on “What is a Binary Options Robot?

  1. Trisha

    Thanks for all the information. I am personally looking to invest for retirement and was actually weighing all my options, including binary options. This post tells me all I need to know about binary options! Thanks again!!

    1. Sam Birch Post author

      Yeah Trisha, wouldn’t waste your retirement money on such a system, would hate to hear that your hard earned money you have saved would go to waste, stock market is always a option, but not binary options, but even the stock market should be took with caution, takes a lot of learning and research before entering into this game with confidence. I know people who have blew thousands that haven’t researched their stocks and went for it, as a consequence have walked away with nothing. Time invested learning would pay off.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Sam Birch

  2. Furkan

    It also looks like a scam to me. Waiting a time frame simply sucks. Also I know that Belgium is really careful about these kinds of things and if they banned it then it is best to stay away from it.

    1. Sam Birch Post author

      Yes Furkan, if countries are banning such practises then something is up.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Sam Birch

  3. Katie

    I have been reading about this to see if it was worth doing. But everywhere I go says how good it is but do not give the details. This is an honest article giving ALL the details which is what I have had a hard time finding. Thank you for this post. You help me to save my money by not doing this risky betting scheme.

    1. Sam Birch Post author

      That’s exactly it Katie don’t waste your time, there are such more honest ways to make your money out there, this not being one of them.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Sam Birch

  4. Brandon

    Wow! I had someone trying to sell me this garbage through my email address, and by the looks of it, I ain’t missing out on anything! Your review has helped me learn more about this typical system and I now know NOT to invest any money into it. I like how you’re so honest in your review, it helps me make a better decision on what I should do next.

    Thanks so much,


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