What is a Keyword Research Tool For?

By | December 17, 2016

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Keyword research tools are used for monitoring keywords that get entered into search engines such as google. Keywords can be the fundamentals to getting your website’s, blogs, articles or whatever content you maybe creating ranked and therefore seen by the public within the internet.

For affiliate marketers, people struggling to get their website seen, or having a nightmare converting sales with visiting customers, keyword research tools can be the way to break through the ice.


Why are Keywords so Important?

Keywords can be the difference between success and failure, without keyword research you are just stabbing in the dark.

For example if I was to write a blog on “How to create the perfect content” and my aim was to sell tutorials for bloggers.

Firstly I would want to know how many people are competing with me within this keyword, I don’t want to be trying to get a blog ranked and sell what every Tom, Dick and Harry is competing with.

Secondly you want to know how many people are typing this keyword into google each month or week, how much traffic is this going to produce to your website and how many of them visitors are going to convert into customers.

Also you want to know how well this keyword stands with SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) if google isn’t going to rank this keyword at all, you can forget converting customers or the competition.

Keyword research tool

The point is if you find a keyword to create content on your website that has little competition, a fair amount of searches and converting customers then this will rank within google, at the end of the day if you are getting your website in the first pages of the search engines your making money. Keyword Search Tools are unlocking that data and giving you it on a plate, all you need to do is act.

What Keyword Search Tools Are Recommended?

For myself no other but Jaxxy. This platform is user friendly easy to understand, fast and very accurate, for me no other tool on the market can compare.

What’s on offer

  • Information on keyword competition.
  • How much competition you face within the keyword.
  • Keyword prompts that are less competitive.
  • SEO ranking within the keyword.
  • Average searches per month.
  • Average people converting from these keywords.
  • Your website rankings within the search engines.
  • How your pages and post are ranking within the pages of google.
  • Real case study’s and domain flipping.
  • Available domain names.
  • tonne more features.



Its also free to sign up and you get 30 free keyword searches more than enough to get you earning money.

Want to sign up and see for yourself click here.

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