Take Surveys for Cash Scam!

By | February 13, 2017

Website – takesurveysforcash.com

Creator – Jason White.

Scam? – YES.


I found takesurveysforcash.com though linkedin. A member (affiliate) was promoting this program under making extra incomes online, so I clicked the link they were promoting and investigated it further.

My Experience Joining TakeSurveysforCashOnline.take surveys for cash scam

Once accessing the website I was met with a joining page, which consisted of a sales pitch of amazing earnings from taking paid surveys. Earnings of $3500 a month and being given the opportunity to take part in surveys that will make you $500 a day.

Claims of a life sat in the sun while earnings roll into a bank account.  After signing up I was automatically hit with a fee to join and be a member, claiming to be for administration to receive the paid surveys. A FEE OF $39!

I processed the payment then was hit with another fee to be able to receive special paid surveys that would earn me mega bucks, avoiding this I went to see what surveys where on offer for my $39.

Now as a member I browsed about the platform, which was just more sales pitches and increased desperation to sign up to more costly scams. I explored the surveys that where on offer and SUPRISE, surveys which you could pick up on any paid surveys sites which are free to use. ABSOLUTE SCAM!

Earning Money from Paid Surveys

Lets face it there isn’t a lot of money in paid surveys, good surveys may pay out $5 which require effort, majority paying PENNIES. Constantly filling out your details and taking endless boring surveys isn’t how I want to waste my free time.  At the end of the day who is going to give anybody $500 to take a basic survey for simple research purposes, doesn’t happen.

People who want extra income and don’t have no up front money, paid surveys are a ideal way to settle a utility or phone bill every month, but don’t pay their are plenty of free sites that offer such services such as inboxpounds, opinionoutpost, or mysurvey.

takesurveysforcash scam

Pictured above pics taken from the site, the numbers on the right hand check clearly modified!


Stay away from this site your getting conned into paying money to access surveys which are free anywhere else. Sugar coating a otherwise poor earner and making out to be a life changer , if he had stumbled across such away to earn money he wouldn’t be putting out to the public, FACT!


Earn Real Money Online!

If you want how to earn real money online without getting scammed follow this link, this will take time and effort but can become a full time career from home.

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6 thoughts on “Take Surveys for Cash Scam!

  1. ht

    Yes indeed. I’m also surprised why is there such a fee when most survey for cash sites are free. This is a good alert for all. Thank you sir!

    1. Sam Birch Post author

      I know, but the case with this site is, the guy running this system says he has access to Surveys that no one else has, Surveys that pay up to $500 at a time. Once you pay and sign up this becomes clear nonsense. Surveys that you can get on any other website.

      Thanks for the comment HT.

      Sam Birch

  2. Peter

    Really sounds shady. I have never found a survey site that even comes close to paying minimum wage. I was just sent one in the mail yesterday. 15 minutes work for 0.50
    That equates to $2 an hour. What a complete waste of time survey sites are. I don’t even bother anymore. Thanks for another heads up on a total BS company>

    1. Sam Birch Post author

      Your welcome Peter, yes this site is a scam you cant charge people to take online surveys. Don’t understand why people create sites like this, obviously the money, but once everyone has cottoned on its a scam, then your business is dead. Why not make a legitimate business that will thrive over time and keep you reoccurring customers.

      Thanks for the comment Peter.

      Sam Birch

  3. John

    I have looked at several Survey sites before. Even if you get one that is legit, you have to work your butt off to make a dollar. The take surveys for cash site looks like it just gives you the information on the free sites. Very much a scam and they will just take your money and offer no return. Real online income comes with work, your suggestion for Wealthy Affiliate seams like the course to take if you want a real online income.

    1. Sam Birch Post author

      Yes your right john, to much work for very little reward. For the effort you put in you could be creating a business online that will earn you a full time income.
      Thanks for the comment.

      Sam Birch


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