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By | December 17, 2016


To make a business online needs a passion, a drive for success and good work ethic. Some of the biggest online companies to date all started out somewhere.

Facebook was born in Harvard university by man with an idea with his college room mates to help, Google was created in a garage in Stanford near the U.S route 101 highway that links San Fransisco to Silicon Valley, Ebay started life in San Jose living room.


But what these companies created would be the bench mark for anybody wanting to make a business online, Facebook started out in 2004 and is now worth $350 billion, Google $527 billion and Ebay around $4.5 billion in shares, these figures are stupid amounts, BUT SOMEONE DID IT!

” look at what these companies are offering”

Really if you look what these companies are offering in relation to the vast money they are creating its hard to wonder HOW?

Facebook is a social media site that’s lets users create a free account and interact with friends and relatives via the internet, Google being a search engine being the hub for anyone online wanting to find anything whether it be to find a place or shopping for cloths, Ebay being a online internet auction charging very little fees for there auction platform.

How to Make Money Online?

Well looking at some of the top online companies its hard to see how they are making money, but quick thought or simple research will show you majority of them make a lot of money through advertising or commissions89% of googles revenue came from advertisement, Facebook has all sorts of companies advertising over its internet pages, Ebay makes commissions of its sellers, taking a fee for using their platform to sell on.  ebay
 As you start to take a look back at most sites you look at these days, if they are not physically selling something this is how they make money.

How to Make Business Online?

Well if you don’t have anything physically to sell I have mentioned how you make money, but lets have a look at the foundations, the plan, the brainstorm if you like of how you create a online business.
  1. Work to your Strengths, you couldn’t sell a cat if you loved dogs, base your business round a hobby something you have a good insight to.
  2. Find a market round your strengths, a need, a solution to problem.
  3. Create a website or business round your market.
  4. Get traffic (visitors) to your site.
  5. Get your website ranked within Google.

“Work to your Strengths”

If you follow these key steps, what ever you are selling or offering WILL MAKE SALES!

How can I learn to Create a online Business?

When starting out its hard to think where to start, in reality I think everyone needs training. Its knowing how the internet and sales come together, there are still questions that need answering, “How do I Create a Website“, “How do I Get Traffic“, “How do I get my Website Ranked within Google“, this is were the training comes in to play, this gets your foot in the door, the insight needed to think on your own feet once you learn the FUNDAMENTALS.
Click here  for free training just a simple registration and you can be on your way to learn how to make your online business.

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