Best Affiliate Program for 2017!

Affiliate marketing

This review will look into some of the best Affiliate programs for 2017. I will be giving my opinion of what I think are the best programs and why?

I will review programs based on-

  • Available Products
  • Commissions.
  • Training and Affiliate Community.

Firstly though lets look at what might have to be in place before applying to a Affiliate program. Before joining any program you need a plan, here’s a few brainstorm ideas –

  • How can you sell the products you want to promote?
  • Are you committed to run a successful online business?
  • Do you have the training/knowledge to be a Affiliate Marketer?
  • Do you have a website with content specific to your niche or product?

For me these are the upmost questions that need to be answered before applying for any programs to EARN MONEY!

How can you Sell Products you want to Promote?

This is obvious, you need a website in place before looking to become a affiliate to promote other peoples products, most programs look at websites and see if they have enough content before giving out affiliate accounts.

At the end of the day companies want to know that their products are being promoted well and are going to make money, giving out affiliate accounts to everyone is a waste of time and administration.

Are you Committed to Run a Successful Business?

At the end of the day any business takes time to be successful and none more so than affiliate marketing. Their are lots of scammers out there that will tell you that you can making money in days/weeks, in truth this game takes dedication, time and hard work but the rewards can be MASSIVE!

Without the time and effort most people are more likely to quit before they start, because not enough invested will see no results, no results makes people disheartened and they will give up.

Do you have the Training/Knowledge to be a Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate marketing does require dedication and effort but without the tools all the hard work will be pointless. If starting out in this industry first thing to be doing is to INVEST time gathering knowledge!

Find a training provider that wants to help you succeed not rip you off, this will make the learning process a lot easier and pain free without leaving you skint instead of earning money.

Do you have a Website with Content Specific to your Niche?

Meaning by this is you don’t want to be selling whey protein on a tech site! If you have tech site you want to be promoting drones, latest TV’s, newest gadgets,  and gaming products. Try and not divert to much from what your site is all about, at the end of the day you want to work to your strengths, not try and sell every product under the sun!

Best Affiliate Program for 2017 – Available Products!

With this category I have chosen one of the biggest affiliate programs on the market to date, this is Amazon affiliates. Amazon sell everything, no matter what your niche you will almost every time find the product you are wanting to find on here.  Amazon’s range of products consist of books, movies, motorbikes, beauty, sports, grocery, electronics and many more to chose from.

Amazon Affiliates Program

Pro’s to being a affiliate for Amazon are obviously you don’t need to look far to advertise the product you are after with their extensive range a lot of affiliate’s just promote/advertise for Amazon.

With this program you will see commissions with every product that you promote through your affiliate link, plus you will see 10% in commissions on the whole items added and bought in the customers basket, even if you never promoted the products.

Con’s are your website has to be fully functional and have content that will sell their products. Also have a telephone number and bank account for your funds to be transferred to. All these listed need to be in place before Amazon will except you to be affiliate for their company. Understandable!

With Amazon their commissions aren’t the best for the products you promote and can be anywhere in the region of 10% to 1% depending on the category the product comes under. This isn’t a lot but don’t let it put you off, its how many products you sell and the traffic you drive to this that leverages your earnings.

Best Affiliate Program for 2017 – Commissions.

Regal Assets wins the category as these pay their Affiliates very well, instead of chasing small $20 commissions you could be making $3000 on each sale. Who are Regal Assets, well they are the most successful Gold IRA firm in the U.S, well known within the financial services category. The way the firm works is they help investors add precious metals to their portfolios or retirement accounts.

Pros of Regal Assets is being able to make $3000 from a $100,000 investment from a customer referred by the affiliate. This investment seems a lot to achieve from a single customer, but when people Regal assets Gold bullionwant to invest their retirement money or savings to avoid forever rising taxes, implemented by the countries these days, there are a lot of people willing to invest to see the life long earnings mature.

Plus price of precious metals is constantly on the rise, investing in them will always see a return in peoples money, this making for a big market, meaning a bigger audience for affiliates to SELL.

Con’s are mainly the same as above, you should have content and functional website before applying and show you have skills within Affiliate marketing. On application this companies ask for your Marketing level (beginner, intermediate, or expert), how many visitors your website attracts each month, and marketing experience.

Best Affiliate Program for 2017 – Training & Affiliate Community

Hands down Wealthy Affiliate  with over 800,000 members speaks volumes and these guys running this program genuinely care about people who join the community to learn to be Affiliate Marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate is a affiliate marketing training university that can be done from home behind a laptop, with work through training that can have affiliates earning while they are learning.

wealthy affiliate

New members have up to 2 free websites that they are aloud to make for creating their new online business with the help of WordPress as their partner. With over 800,000 members within the community no one ever becomes stuck learning how to make money in the industry as other members are always willing to help you out!

Pros of Wealthy Affiliate are so extensive they are hard to put in this page, from one to one training, boot camps, 2 free websites, continuously adding new training videos, live training webinars, beginner courses, live help, video walkthroughs, website backup, keyword research tools and much more. Also if you don’t have a niche and don’t know what to promote for your new business you can promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn up to 50% commissions on every premium membership and earn money on referrals.

Con’s cant find any!

Best out of the three, Wealthy Affiliate for what they offer for their affiliates!